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Case Study:
Raith Rovers x Fischer Electric

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Grande Solar & Electrical, supplied with Fischer Air Source Heat Pumps oversaw the modernisation of professional football team Raith Rover’s heating systems. Raith Rovers needed to modernise their outdated heating systems and were suffering from not having a consistent supply of hot water throughout their facilities. By opting for Fischer Air Source Heat Pumps, installed by Grande Electrical & Solar, Raith Rovers have now taken the vital steps towards decarbonisation and increased the efficiency of their commercial heating. Allowing for increased quantities of hot water to be used at one time and on demand.

Working with the client to decide on the best product.

Installing 100% efficient, zero carbon heating solutions

Highlighting and providing solutions to existing problems. 

The implementation of the correct product and lasting satisfaction. 

The Story of the Grande Solar & Electrical, Fischer Electric Partnership

Grande Solar & Electrical are a subdivision of Fife company Grande Construction. Grande Construction have 30 years of experience in Scotland of which they’ve enjoyed significant success from the development and maintenance of care homes. Grande Solar & Electrical now specialises in renewable energy installs, from domestic to large commercial installations. By sensing the appetite for heat pumps, Grande partnered with Fischer for the supply of air-source heat pumps, in order to offer a fully interlinked renewables package. Their team has over 40 years of experience within the electrical contracting industry.


Raith Rovers is a professional men’s football team founded in 1883, currently operating in the Championship of the Scottish Football League. They have won multiple honours including the Scottish League Cup and are five-time winners of the Scottish First Division. 

The Challenge the Customer Faced

Raith Rovers were struggling to supply hot water to their showing facilities, particularly after football matches, when demand was obviously high.

With 30+ members of both squads requiring a shower, the immersion tank the club had in place couldn’t cope with the quantity of water required and quickly ran out of suitable hot water, leaving many players and officials either having cold showers or none at all. 

The challenge was reducing the amount of heat loss suffered in the transportation of water, and implementing a product which could handle the capacity. Before installing Fischer’s products, Raith Rovers only commanded the use of one 1000L tank with water travelling over 50 metres before reaching it’s destination. 


Raith Rovers were in the process of updating & improving the facilities for the Home & Away Teams and match officials areas. This opportunity was seized on to then solve the heating issues and start again from scratch. Eliminating the distance and heat loss, whilst also move within larger national net zero goals. Satisfying a personal desire to steer away from inefficient and temperamental gas heating and fossil fuels.

a photograph of raith rovers changing rooms

Why Grande Solar & Electrical Chose Fischer Electric

Electrical Contracts Manager Gary Charles, speaks of not only the wide range of products but the ‘exceptional’ levels of in-house support provided by Fischer, offering different approaches and avenues instead of solely offering the product alone.


When Grande Solar came to choosing a product, initially Fischer’s Electric Boilers were highlighted, but after consultations with Fischer Commerical, Fischer was able to calculate the volumes of water required and made the required recommendations.

The Fischer Compact Air Source Heat Pump which features R-32 refrigerant for improved efficiency and industry leading 80mm insulation and was deemed the perfect product for the job.

a photograph of raith rovers changing rooms

The Results

The results according to Electrical Contracts Manager, Gary have been ‘an absolutely massive success’ 

Raith Rovers now has 2, 14 kilowatt heat pumps and four 500 litre tanks, easily resolving the water issues and leaving teams both home and away, capable of on-demand, hot water showers. By installing Fischer’s products, Raith Rovers are also looking towards the wider picture and decarbonising an aspect of the football club’s facilities in the process.

With over 75 years of manufacturing expertise, Fischer is the pioneer of efficient heating systems and is defined by the highest levels of quality in both their products and service. 

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