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Aquafficient Eco+

Air Source Water Heating

About Aquafficient Eco+

The Aquafficient Eco+ is a new air source water heater, designed to provide hot water quickly and efficiently. Using air as its main energy source; the AquafficientEco+ is an efficient and renewable energy product that provides heated water without excessive energy needs or bulky water tanks.

Aquafficient Eco+ Applications

Aquafficient Eco+ can be used for a wide range of commercial applications, including:

Aquafficient Eco+ for resorts

Aquafficient Eco+ is perfect for hotels and resorts, providing efficient and reliable hot water supply for guest rooms, bathrooms, and other facilities. Its floor-standing or wall mounted design offers flexibility in installation, while its built-in anti-legionella system ensures a safe and hygienic water environment.

Aquafficient Eco+ for office buildings

With its ability to replace existing cylinders, Aquafficient Eco+ is an ideal choice for office buildings. It delivers cost-effective and energy-saving hot water for employee restrooms, kitchens, and other communal areas, contributing to a more sustainable workplace.

Aquafficient Eco+ for restaurant and cafes

Aquafficient Eco+ offers a renewable water heating solution for restaurants and cafes, ensuring a constant supply of hot water for cooking, dishwashing, and customer use. Its efficient air source technology helps businesses reduce energy costs while maintaining optimal performance.

Aquafficient Eco+ for fitness centres and spas

Aquafficient Eco+ is well-suited for fitness centres and spas, delivering reliable hot water for showers, saunas, and therapeutic facilities. Its economical and energy-saving features help these establishments minimize operational expenses while providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for their patrons.

Aquafficient Eco+ for educational institutions

Aquafficient Eco+ serves the hot water needs of educational institutions such as schools and universities. Whether for student residences, cafeterias, or sports facilities, its efficient water heating capabilities ensure a consistent and sustainable supply of hot water for various applications.

Aquafficient Eco+ for healthcare facilities

Aquafficient Eco+ provides a reliable and hygienic hot water
supply for patient rooms, operating theatres, and other critical
healthcare applications. With its built-in anti-legionella system
and efficient air-source technology, Aquafficient Eco+ ensures
the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, and energy
efficiency in healthcare environments.



With its efficient air-source technology, Aquafficient Eco+ maximizes energy savings while providing reliable hot water, helping businesses reduce operating costs.

Space Optimization

By replacing existing cylinders, Aquafficient Eco+ optimizes space utilization in commercial settings, freeing up valuable floor area for other purposes.

Hygiene and Safety

The built-in anti-legionella system ensures a safe and hygienic water supply, meeting the stringent health and safety standards required for commercial environments.

Renewable Heating

Aquafficient Eco+ harnesses renewable energy from the air, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to water heating in commercial projects.

Reliable Performance

Aquafficient Eco+ is engineered for reliable and consistent performance, ensuring uninterrupted hot water supply for critical commercial operations.


Aquafficient Eco+ offers the flexibility of being floor-standing or wall-mounted, allowing for easy integration into different commercial spaces.

5-year warranty

Aquafficient Eco+ comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind and protection against defects and faults.

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