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fischer electric space heating
fischer electric space heating

Featuring Individual Room-By-Room Control

Product Spotlight

Fischer Classic

The ultimate choice for contractors, architects, and commercial projects. Our efficient and full controllable radiators, equipped with wireless thermostats, ensure precise temperature control in every room. With over 75 years of experience and thousands of installations in UK homes, our radiators offer uniform heat distribution from floor to ceiling. Designed for sustainability, they optimize energy consumption and reduce environmental impact.

Our dedicated team provides expert support throughout your project. Experience our unrivalled range of Fischer Classic radiators and transform your commercial space into a warm and inviting environment.

Fischer Classic
fischer luxe

Fischer Luxe

The perfect balance of style and efficiency. These radiators boast a unique and highly efficient design, heating rooms to perfection. Crafted with Dekton-Luxe stone, they offer durability, scratch resistance, and stunning aesthetics.

With a built-in 40mm HeatCore and wireless thermostat, Fischer Luxe radiators ensure optimal heat distribution and complete control. Ideal for any room, the bathroom range provides protection against condensation and guarantees warmth and comfort. Elevate your commercial space with Fischer Luxe. Contact us to explore the range and experience a luxurious heating solution.

Fischer Tide

With a unique design, these our electric radiators ensure comfort and style within any house, office or business. These 40mm HeatCore radiators feature a seamless transfer of heat, ensuring optimal warmth and comfort. With the exclusive wireless thermostat and innovative 40mm HeatCore, Fischer Tide radiators offer superior heat retention and energy efficiency.

Combining contemporary design with over 75 years of expertise, Fischer Tide radiators elevate the ambiance of any commercial space. Experience the comfort and sophistication of Fischer Tide

fischer tide
fischer novorad

Fischer NovoRad

Novorad’s sleek and efficient smart electric radiators are perfect for commercial spaces. These wall-mounted heaters feature a unique 23mm Mica Clay Core for consistent heat distribution. With easy installation and operation, simply plug them in and enjoy the warmth.

Each radiator comes with a free Wireless Thermostat for convenient temperature control. Wi-Fi options are also available for seamless integration into smart homes or building automation systems. Installation is a breeze – simply plug Novorad into a socket or fuse spur. No complex wiring or expensive renovations required. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of Novorad’s intelligent heating in no time.

Fischer NovoRad Plus

Novorad Plus by Fischer is a range of smart electric heaters that offer advanced control and convenience. With Wi-Fi compatibility, they can be controlled via voice commands or smartphone apps.

These heaters are Lot20 Compliant, ensuring energy efficiency and savings. Installation is easy with plug socket or fuse spur requirements. The LCD screen control panel allows for intuitive temperature and settings adjustments.

fischer novorad plus

Fischer Eko Range

Ekorad by Fischer offers efficient electric panel heaters that prioritize convenience and energy savings. With easy installation and operation, these heaters can be quickly set up using a plug socket or fuse spur. The LCD screen control panel allows for intuitive temperature adjustments. Stay informed about energy usage with the electricity consumption display.

The presence sensor optimizes comfort and efficiency by adjusting the temperature based on room occupancy. Upgrade to Ekorad for a reliable, user-friendly, and energy-efficient heating solution.


Energy efficiency

Fischer heaters are designed to be energy-efficient, which can help businesses and institutions save on energy costs. Their 40mm HeatCore technology and room-by-room control allow for targeted heating, reducing energy waste.

Room-by-room control

Fischer heaters offer room-by-room control, which allows businesses and institutions to set different temperatures in different areas. This can improve comfort for employees, customers, or patients, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction.

Easy installation

Fischer heaters are easy to install, which can save businesses and institutions time and money on installation costs. They can be installed quickly and easily, without the need for major renovations or construction.

Attractive design

Fischer heaters have an attractive design that complements any room setting. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses and institutions that prioritize aesthetics and want to create a welcoming environment for customers, patients, or employees.

5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Fischer heaters come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, which provides peace of mind to businesses and institutions that rely on them for heating.

40mm HeatCore

Fischer heaters like the Classic, Luxe, Tide and bathroom range feature a patented 40mm HeatCore for improved heat retention.

With over 75 years of manufacturing expertise, Fischer is the pioneer of efficient heating systems and is defined by the highest levels of quality in both their products and service. 

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