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A modern, sustainable and 100% efficient replacement to gas boilers. As we head towards legally binding net zero targets, Fischer’s range of electric boilers will play their part in reducing emissions in homes and businesses throughout the UK. 


With no requirement for water tanks or cylinders (Combi Boiler only), Fischer electric boilers are perfectly placed to help the UK transition away from fossil fuels. Fischer’s electric boilers produce zero emissions at the point of use which means there is no requirement for a flue. Fischer’s unique heating element is manufactured to ensure the highest levels of resistance to a wide range of corrosive elements. 

Available as a floor-standing Combi Boiler featuring two thermally insulated independent tanks. Manufactured in stainless steel with 20mm of insulation, one tank provides hot water with a capacity of 100L and is designed to heat water up to 70°C.

The second tank is for heating and is also made with stainless steel. This tank is part of a closed circuit for heating with insulation of up to 10mm and is designed to heat up to 90°C.

The Fischer Electric Boiler also features its own in-built expansion vessel.

Go Green, Go Clean

Along with our ambition for the UK to switch to electric heating powered by renewables, reducing how much waste is sent to landfill is yet another great way to reduce carbon emissions.  

Although our products do not fall under the UK’s new “Right to Repair” laws, we have taken it upon ourselves to make all of our products repairable, rather than generating more waste through replacing the whole system.  In order to work towards a cleaner future, every part in the Fischer boilers can be replaced individually.

This will significantly reduce how much waste is generated, in spite of an otherwise disposable culture.

  • *No fossil fuels, when powered by renewable electricity.
  • Fast recovery times.
  • No requirement for water tanks or cylinders (with our duo boiler).
  • Compatible with HIVE and NEST Smart Thermostats

Our Products

Fischer Floor Standing Combi Boiler​

Fischer Floor Standing Combi Boiler

Suitable for a range of domestic and commercial applications. The Fischer Floor standing Combi Boiler is designed to last.

Fischer Wall Mounted Heat Only Boiler

Efficient heating solutions, the Fischer Wall Mounted Heat only boiler produces zero emissions at the point of use and is designed to work in conjunction with our electric water heating systems. 

Fischer Floor Standing Combi Boiler​

Fischer Floor Standing Heat Only Boiler

Robust and Efficient Heating Solution. Find out more about our electric boilers.

Fischer Thermal Combi Wall Mounted Boiler

An perfect heating solution for smaller homes, apartments and flats. The Fischer Thermal Combi Boiler is a simple to fit alternative to gas boilers. 

Fischer Industrial Electric Boilers

100% efficient, the Fischer Heat only boiler produces zero emissions at the point of use and is designed to work in conjunction with our electric water heating systems. 


5-year warranty

Fischer Electric Boilers come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind and protection against defects and faults.

No fuel required

As Fischer Electric Boilers are 100% electric, it does not require a flue, making them an ideal option for homes without a chimney or flue system.

Supplied with a wireless thermostat

Fischer Electric Boilers come with a wireless thermostat, making it easy to control the temperature of your home and ensuring comfortable living.

Efficient heating solutions

Fischer Electric Boilers are efficient heating solutions at the point of use, ensuring that all the energy consumed is converted into heat.

Made in Spain

Fischer Electric Boilers are made in our factory in Spain, ensuring high-quality manufacturing and support. We can also manufacture bespoke boilers for varied commercial applications.

Zero carbon footprint*

When powered by renewable electricity, Fischer Electric Boilers have a zero carbon footprint at the point of use, making it an environmentally friendly option for heating your home.

Fast recovery times

The product has fast recovery times, meaning that hot water is readily available whenever you need it.

No external tanks

Fischer Electric Boilers (combi boiler option) do not require any water tanks or cylinders, saving you space and installation costs.

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With over 75 years of manufacturing expertise, Fischer is the pioneer of efficient heating systems and is defined by the highest levels of quality in both their products and service. 

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