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Case Study:
New Life Baptist Church x Fischer Electric

New Life Baptist Church worked with Fischer Electric when looking to replace their ageing and inefficient gas boiler system.

David Barber, Minister of New Life Baptist Church, explained the need for further control over their heating and a desire to move away from heavy maintenance costs and substantial heat loss, whilst also keeping one eye on a zero emission future.

Fischer Electric installed 17 Fischer HeatCore radiators helping the church reduce its energy consumption thanks to the heaters room-by-room heating control functionality. In addition to this, a relatively simple installation ensured costs were saved without the need to upgrade and insulate pipe work.

The Story of New Life Baptist Church

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The New Life Baptist Church has been a fixture in Kings Heath, Birmingham in various guises since the 1800s, with this being the third church on the site.

Hosting a traditional Sunday Service, alongside weekly prayers and children’s activities. The church is a hub for the community and experiences large amounts of foot traffic.

Built without any thought of insulation or carbon footprints, New Life were faced with a huge rise in their utility prices. These factors resulted in the need for an extensive change in their heating operations across the hall.

Why New Life Baptist Church Chose Fischer Electric

Church Minister, David Barber talks about Fischer’s strong reputation and also their adaptability playing key parts in the decision-making process. 

The ability to approach the client with a myriad of products and in particular, propose solutions to the church without any preconceived agenda in mind was of particular importance to Rev. Barber. 

Rev. Barber singled out the durability of Fischer, built up through over 75 years of manufacturing experience and the ability for the heaters to be individually controlled. He said on choosing Fischer Electric:

“Reputation. The Fischer parts are sturdy, reliable, well made and have come highly recommended by our own electricians” 

Throughout, the ‘substantial’ levels of in-house support provided by Fischer Electric, was highlighted. It was the ‘open mind’ approach when it came down to suggesting the correct product for the Church that impressed Rev. Barber the most

How Fischer Electric Succeeded with New Life Baptist Church

During the initial heating consultation, Fischer Electric discussed their portfolio and options available with Rev. Barber. Initially, New Life looked into Fischer’s Electric Boiler. An attractive option, because of the ease of installation and ability to utilise the church’s existing pipework and radiators.

However, due to the level of degradation of the existing wet radiators and the poorly insulated pipework, this strategy would still require new pipework and radiators to fully utilise the efficiency of an electric boiler.

Fischer Electric suggested Fischer’s HeatCore radiators as an alternative. With no additional requirements aside from a 13amp plug socket each radiator can each be individually controlled via a wireless thermostat and is independent of any pipework and boilers. Fitting New Life Baptist Church’s key requirement for control.

Fischer Electric oversaw the installation of 17 HeatCore radiators in the church. Which in addition to granting the church complete control over its heating with wireless thermostats included with each heater, also allowed for an ‘80% reduction in its carbon footprint’

The Results

New Life Baptist Church were looking for improved heating control, following installation, the church now benefits from 17 on-demand, fully independent, controllable HeatCore radiators. They have removed the old gas boiler, eliminating all service and call out charges once and for all.

Rev. Barber had some parting words. 

“I’m very happy to say how pleased we are with the whole thing, and have no hesitation in recommending Fisher. Dealing with Nick and Vikas was a pleasure to deal with.

 “Excellent. Faultless”

With over 75 years of manufacturing expertise, Fischer is the pioneer of efficient heating systems and is defined by the highest levels of quality in both their products and service. 

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